Angelina Jolie's Ring Rumors Cleared Up

Angelina Jolie's Ring Rumors Cleared Up

After marriage rumors erupted earlier this month when she was spotted wearing a different ring on her ring finger, the truth about the Angelina Jolie”s new ring has come to light.

During a recent trip to Africa, the “Tomb Raider” star didn”t want to flash her huge diamond engagement ring in developing countries like the Congo and Rwanda.

However, to still keep a reminder of fiancée Brad Pitt, he gave her his great-grandmother”s wedding ring, a much simpler gold ring with a small gem.

According to a Grazia magazine source, “Brad said he completely understood why she couldnt wear her engagement ring, but he really wanted to give Angelina something special and more understated to wear instead.”

Touched by the gesture, the UN Ambassador reportedly “couldn”t stop playing with the replacement ring, which everyone was calling the trick ring.”