Angelina Jolie Opens Girls School in Afghanistan

Angelina Jolie Opens Girls School in Afghanistan

Fresh off her visit to Congo, Angelina Jolie confirmed on Monday (April 1) that she has opened an all-girls school in Afghanistan.

The school is located just outside the Afghan capital of Kabul in a region where there is a high refugee population and education of males takes precedent over females.

To fund this venture and the others she has planned, the mother-of-six will be releasing her jewelry line, Style of Jolie, in retail stores for the first time this week.

Speaking to E! about the impact made by her unique designs, the actress said, “Beyond enjoying the artistic satisfaction of designing these jewels, we are inspired by knowing our work is also serving the mutual goal of providing for children in need.”

All proceeds from the jewelry, which will be available at Kansas City jeweler Tivoli, will go to Ms. Jolies charity The Education Partnership for Children of Conflict.