Angelina Jolie Goes "Down Under" for Film Scouting

Angelina Jolie Goes

Mysterious, sexy, and enigmatic are by no means foreign concepts to Angelina Jolie. The “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” bombshell went out to remote sections of Australia Wednesday (October 16), scouting locations for her new movie, “Unbroken.”

Setting her eye on Queensland, the 38-year-old wore a lovely black suit, complete sweater, blouse, pants and shoes. She sported a black leather bag on one arm and a fancy hat when the wind wasn”t bothering her.

In related news, Angelinas doctor who performed her double mastectomy earlier this year has spoken out, saying that her bravery will have a tremendously lasting impact.

Im seeing in my practice already women who are saying, I was inspired by that to get gene testing, Dr. Jay Orringer told the Daily News. I think its going to have a tremendously lasting impact.