Angelina Jolie Doesn"t Want to Settle Down

Angelina Jolie makes no apologies for her nomadic life with Brad Pitt and their six children.

In fact, the world-traveling actress doesn”t even want to think about not living that way.

“I don”t want to talk about it,” she said wistfully when asked on Anderson Monday where her family might eventually settle down. She added with emotion, “I don”t want to settle. I love traveling.”

The actress, 36, who won”t rule out a seventh child, also told host Anderson Cooper her children are all on the same page when it comes to moving around – at least for now.

“I will listen, as my mother would have, to them,” she says. “And if they start to complain about it … [But] right now they love it. Right now if they”re in one place for two months they want to know why we”re not getting on an airplane.”

Jolie, who recently made her directorial debut with In the Land of Blood and Honey, says the kids have roots even with their jet-setting lives.

“They really love to travel, and we have certain things that are comforts of home,” she says. “And also, because they”re such a big traveling pack it”s not one child moving around the world and missing friends. There are so many of them they have constant play dates and they”re always together.”

She added, “Because we have traveled a lot, we”re kind of lucky in that we have friends around the world, so if we end up in Budapest or Germany or Africa or Vietnam, they actually call their friends.”

She also admitted, however, that they day may come when the children are ready to live in one place.

“I”m sure they”re gonna say, “Mom, let me stay home,” ” she said. “It”s going to happen and I”m going to cry. We”ll see what happens. They”ll probably all end up living all around the world. My old age will be Brad and I traveling around the world to try to visit our children in random countries.”