Andy Richter — ‘Two Drunks Totalled My Car’

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Andy Richter
says “two drunks” slammed into his car last night while it was parked in front of his L.A. home … and the funnyman says it happens so frequently, he”s MOVING.

The “Conan” sidekick posted a photo of the wreckage on Twitter — writing, “Two drunks totalled my car while it was parked in front of my house tonight.”

“We live on a busy street. We have for 11 years. We grew tired of this, and bought a house on a quiet street.”

He continued, “Our old house goes on the market in just a few days. We are moving in three weeks.”

Richter referred to last night”s collision as a “kiss goodbye.”

We”ve reached out to cops and Richter for more details … no word back.