Andy Murray Talks Wimbledon in British GQ July 2013: I Believe I Can Win

Andy Murray Talks Wimbledon in British GQ July 2013: I Believe I Can Win

He”s made quite a name for himself in the tennis world, and now Andy Murray reveals his career goals in the July 2013 issue of British GQ.

While rocking a few poses with his beloved racket for the fiery Art Streiber photo shoot, the 26-year-old Brit opened up about his dreams of Wimbledon and his past struggles.

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On his Australian Open disappointment:
“I can still remember all the details. I remember having won the final, holding the trophy in my hands, the feeling that I was the champion… Then waking up and realizing instantly it was a dream. And even though I knew straight away that it hadn”t been real, I have to say I was really, really, disappointed all over again.”

On his tennis philosophy:
“When I lost my first grand slam, the US Open [in 2008], I was only 21 and I was still learning. I didn”t feel overwhelmingly disappointed after the match – I was happy to have made the final. But after that, it changed and I started to understand more about the history of the game, what it meant to be competing in those kinds of matches against such talented players, and that changed how i felt about what I was achieving.”

On his public image:
“As an athlete, all I do is try my best to be as good as I can be as a tennis player. Whether people like you or not should be irrelevant. But, to be honest, over the years I have found it difficult to open up and be a bundle of laughs in press conferences or interviews. I always try to give honest answers, but they are fairly boring so I don”t have to deal with the aftermath of any scandals. I would say that I am different from what a lot of people think I am like. What would bother me is if the people around me started telling me that I had begun changing, being an a**, or something. That”s when you take it seriously. You don”t get to see what people are really like from in front of the TV. It is very easy to be false and fake in front of the camera.”

On his dreams of winning Wimbledon:
“What people probably don”t realize is just how much I truly love playing at Wimbledon. I think about winning it. I dream about winning it. I don”t know if it will ever happen, but all I can do it put myself in with a chance. Do I believe I can win The answer is yes.”