Andrew Luck — Do I Look Like the #1 NFL Draft Pick to You?

0423_andrew_luck_videoAndrew Luck touched down in New Jersey yesterday … looking just like a regular guy … not the probable #1 overall pick in Thursday”s 2012 NFL Draft.

The former Stanford QB arrived to Newark Airport all by himself … no handlers, no fanfare … just some headphones and an American flag t-shirt.

Luck — 6″4″, 234 lbs — signed autographs for fans … and even posed for a few pics. There was one item Luck refused to sign … but it”s unclear why.

Take a good hard look … this might be the last time you see the 22-year-old before he signs a contract that will make a multi-millionaire.

How rich, you ask Last year”s number 1 pick — Cam Newton — signed a 4-year deal worth more than $22 million. Not bad …