Andrew Lincoln in Rolling Stone: I'll Play Rick Grimes Until They Bite Me

Andrew Lincoln in Rolling Stone: I'll Play Rick Grimes Until They Bite Me

With “The Walking Dead” nearing its highly anticipated premiere (October 13th), Andrew Lincoln scored the cover spot of Rolling Stone”s latest issue.

During his interview, the 40-year-old actor chatted about his character Rick Grimes and even cleared up the rumors about leaving the series.

Check out a few highlights from Mr. Lincoln”s interview below. For more, be sure to visit Rolling Stone!

On relating to Rick :
“There”s this wave – you look at “Dexter,” “Mad Men,” the whole anti-hero thing – that seems to be the male archetype at the moment. If you”re playing an anti-hero, then you get to do asides, you get to do stolen glances. The camera catches you in your private moments. There”s something incredibly exciting about playing someone who has that look in his eye – that you just linger a little bit longer and then it just gets cold. Rick”s not that. My private moments are not that. Rick is kind of an old-fashioned hero. It ain”t cool. It ain”t sexy. It”s not arch. It”s raw. It”s grungy. It”s all about a visceral reaction because the characters don”t get the chance to drink cappuccinos and talk about iPods. That ain”t the show. I”d always played these sort of renegade, irresponsible, idiotic kind of roles, but this is different. This is the guy that people fall in behind in the show, whether he”s right or wrong.”

On saying goodbye to killed off cast:
“I didn”t read the small print, man. I had no clue. I didn”t know about seismic emotional shockwaves that would happen. You don”t go into a job that way. It”s like life. You never think about your own mortality. At least not until your back gives way when you”re 40. It” just wasn”t something that you consider until the first death. But that”s one of those difficulties – you lost the relationships that your characters have. That dies. You lose these incredible friendships. There is nothing like mortal fear to galvanize a friendship.”

On staying on the series:
“I love playing Rick because he”s changed so much. The world has changed him so much. It is a truly rewarding role and continues to be. The moment I think we”re repeating ourselves, then I”ll start thinking about other things. But if the writers keep pushing him into different place to play the whole spectrum of the man, then I”d be more than happy playing until my time is done. Until they bite me.”