Andrew Garfield Shows Off His Basketball Moves

Andrew Garfield
Andrew Garfield may be the Amazing Spider-Man, but he”s not so amazing when it comes to basketball.

While attending an event at the Madison Boys & Girls Club in Brooklyn on Tuesday, the leading man showed off his slam dunk skills – but judging by this pic, he might be better off sticking to his day job.

At least he was there for a good cause: Garfield, 28, and his Spider-Man costar Emma Stone, 23, were on hand to teach kids the importance of volunteering.

The gathering, part of a larger citywide event called “Be Amazing, Stand Up and Volunteer,” was sponsored by Columbia Pictures and the upcoming film, Amazing Spider-Man.

“Kids are everything,” Garfield told us at another event, held by the Worldwide Orphans Foundation. “You spend time with a kid and everything”s better. It reminds you of you when you were a kid, and it reminds youinnocence can still be achieved.”

Garfield, who is an ambassador for the Worldwide Orphans Foundation, said that the “Stand Up” and the Orphans events are the light “at the end of the tunnel” during the long process of promoting the movie.

“An event like this makes everything else worth it,” said Garfield.