Andrew Bynum — Cops Crack Down on Bad Pass

L.A. Lakers star Andrew Bynum FOR THREE … run-ins with police in the month in December!!!

Law enforcement sources tell us … Bynum was pulled over by Culver City PD in early December for allegedly trying to pass another vehicle … by crossing a divider and driving on the wrong side of the road.

We”re told Bynum was cited for illegal passing and sent on his way … and was extremely cooperative with the officers.

Here”s the rub — the incident went down JUST DAYS BEFORE Bynum earned himself two more driving tickets on separate occasions — one for tinted tail lights and a missing license plate, and one for speeding.

It hasn”t been a great month for the NBA player — dude had to serve a 4 game suspension for elbowing JJ Barrea during the playoffs last year (below).

Bynum”s expected to return to the court today … when the Lakers face off against Denver.