Anderson Cooper Visits with Real-Life "Seven Dwarfs" – Real People Stories, Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper (far left) and the Johnston family
They may be small in stature but their hearts and minds are certainly as big as all outdoors.

The Johnstons, a married couple of achondroplastic (meaning the characteristic is inherited) dwarfs, have adopted five dwarf children, and all seven of them appear Friday with Anderson Cooper on his show Anderson to let the world know just how traditional and happy their lives really are.

“You actually call yourself the seven dwarfs,” the talk-show host says to the wife and mother, Amber Johnston, acknowledging that he didn”t think the term “dwarf” was politically correct. Only she corrects him.

“It”s positive,” she says. ” “Little person” is [the] same. “Dwarf” is the scientific terminology. “Midget” is the word to stay away from. That”s derogatory. But I want to have viewers see [how] we live, and we”re not like every other person, obviously. We can accomplish things like other people can, but of course we have to do it in different ways.

Nine-year-old Elizabeth Johnston speaks up on the cruelty of some of the kids at her school.

“It makes me feel sad and mad because it”s not really nice. Some people at my school they call me “midget” and tell me why. And I just tell them that”s just how God created me, and that”s how He loves me and stuff,” she says.

As for sometimes-cruel reactions to them in public, or taking pictures of them, Amber says: “Some people are doing it to be ugly. We”ve had that happen in even our own town that we live in. Like yesterday in New York it was happening. People are curious, and people don”t know how to ask questions. And it”s our objective to educate people.

“Would you prefer people come up and ask you a question” Cooper asks.

“We would, totally,” says Amber. “We”ll take the time to pose for the photo, but I”d rather educate and let you know. Therefore when you share that photo with whoever, you know what you”re talking about and you”re not talking about a circus side show or something like that.”