Anderson Cooper: Leave Anne Hathaway Alone!

Anderson Cooper: Leave Anne Hathaway Alone!

Hes always ready with an encouraging word, and Anderson Cooper has taken up for Anne Hathaway in the wake of some Oscar speech criticism.

The Anderson Today host blasted haters for giving the Get Smart gal grief over her Best Supporting Actress acceptance speech at the 85th Academy Awards last weekend.

Cooper declared, “In our morning meeting today, we were talking about this and the level of hatred people have towards Anne Hathaway; I had no idea. She seems like a perfectly lovely person.

I don”t understand. She”s incredibly talented, she seems like a lovely person, I think she”s been through a lot. People have all these judgments about her; they don”t know what she”s really like It upset me, because so many of the people on my staff today were like, “Ugh, that speech she gave at the Oscars, it was so perfect.””

“First of all, you know what a bad speech at the Oscars is Everybody else”s speechwhen they are like, “I want to thank my Uncle Mordecai, my agent, my management team.” That”s a bad speech. She got up there, she made eye contact, she remembered people”s names without reading it. I mean, give her a break,” he added.

“The amount of pressure she must feel knowing all these people hate hergive her a break; she seems like a lovely young person. Again, people form all these opinions on people based on nothing. You have no actual evidence.”