Anderson Cooper Debuts Dog Molly on Anderson Talk Show

By golly, it”s Molly!

On a special episode of his new talk show dedicated to pet owners and their animals, Anderson Cooper introduces the studio audience to his own little lady, Welsh springer spaniel Molly.

“I think she”s a little nervous,” Cooper says while stroking the brown-and-white beauty, who snuggles into her owner”s leg during her Anderson debut. But after a few more encouraging rubs, she eventually meets Cooper”s gaze and receives a sweet peck.

Later in the episode, Molly teams up with her owner and guest Susie Essman and her Shih Tzu Sumo for a teeth cleaning. With expert Victoria Stilwell advising, Cooper learns how to properly brush Molly”s teeth, and even samples a bit of her toothpaste while he”s at it.

“I don”t know what it”s got in it, but it”s not pleasant,” says Stilwell, to which Cooper adds, “That”s bad.”

Things go from bad to weird when Cooper reveals that his father had his childhood pet, Sam the snake, encased in Lucite after he died. “It”s a little creepy, I know,” he says. “I made the mistake of telling my producers this story and so they of course insisted that I bring Sam to the program today. So, I”m going to unveil my dead snake Sam. Ready”

With his love of animals on full display, Cooper also takes time during the hour to share his passion with one lucky fan, surprising her with a puppy. Pointing out audience members Isabella and her mom Christine, the host reveals that the cuddly canine he”s carrying is a gift for Isabella from her mom and the North Shore Animal League.