Amy Adams: Family Bonding in Studio City

Amy Adams: Family Bonding in Studio City

Making the most of a rare day off, Amy Adams ran some errands with her fiancé Darren Le Gallo and three-year-old daughter Aviana on Sunday (June 23).

The Julie and Julia starlet held her little girls hand as she strolled out of Ralphs Market in Studio City while her beau chatted on his mobile phone and carried a copy of Muscle Magazine.

And it seems little Aviana was a huge fan of Amys Man of Steel co-star Henry Cavill after she met him on the set of the film earlier this year.

Cavill told press, “She was always quite shy when I tried to talk to her. She then took the opportunity to actually look at my outfit and she wanted to touch it. So she reached out and she just happened to be at crotch height and she suddenly put her hand out. Amy was horrified; she said “No, you can”t do that.

And it seems Darren has some competition, as Amy found Henry to be quite breathtaking as well- Adams gushed, “He”s extremely charming and charismatic. It”s very easy to imagine him as Superman because of his look and his presence. Whenever I looked into his eyes, I started giggling because he has this effect on you. I think most women feel the same way about Henry. He”s dreamy.