‘America’s Got Talent’ Star — My Smashed Nuts Are Fine!

Don”t worry America — the guy who got his nads bashed about a million times on “America”s Got Talent” this week, tells our sources … his family jewels are totally fine.

In case you missed it … Zac Gordon — known as “The Horse” — shocked the audience with his talent when he let people KICK HIM IN THE NUTS … break boards on his nuts AND smash a cinder block with a sledgehammer … on his nuts!!!!

Now Horse assures our sources … contrary to how painful his act looked his balls suffered no injuries and tells us, “No cup! I”ve been doing this 10 years and I”m healthy as a horse!”

Gordon also tells us he”s previously consulted with his uncle — who is a doctor — and his “talent” is not a medical concern.

Good thing because Howard Stern, Howie Mandel and Sharon Osbourne all said yes to his nut-smashing skills … sending him through to the next round, where he”s sure to take another beating.

Balls. Of. Steel.