‘American Idol’ High School Dropout — I’m Going Back to School!

American Idol castoff Travis Orlando is going back to school.
American Idol” castoff Travis Orlando — who dropped out of high school last year to focus on singing — is going back to school … and has learned, it”s all thanks to an “Idol” camera operator.

Travis was voted off the show last week — and sources tell , after he gave his goodbye interview, the camerawoman inspired him to go back to school and get his GED.

In case you missed Travis” audition — the 18-year-old detailed his turbulent home life in the Bronx, claiming his mother walked out on him and his cancer-stricken father. They have since been evicted from their apartment and now live in a shelter.

But sources tell us, the camerawoman who helped conduct Travis” final interview told him not to give up on his education — saying, “You have lost so much. You don’t want to lose even more by not finishing school.”

We”re told Travis took her words to heart — and has since enrolled in the Adult Learning Center at Lehman College in the Bronx. His classes — which will eventually earn him his GED — start next month.