‘American Idol’ Contestant Phillip Phillips — Bad Kidneys Won’t Keep Me Off Show

American Idol” contestant Phillip Phillips” bum kidney will NOT end his run on the show — our sources has learned, he”s still determined to compete … even after undergoing an extremely painful medical procedure.

our sources broke the story, Phillip — who has a long kidney stone history — was rushed to a medical facility last week, complaining of some nasty abdominal pain.

According to sources, Phillip underwent a procedure to install a ‘stent’ in his kidney — a kind of medical tube thing — to help alleviate a blockage caused by kidney stones.
Here’s the catch — stents are super painful … the kind of pain that makes it hard to compete on a nationally-televised singing competition.
But Phillip”s dad tells us, his kid wants to stay in the competition as long as possible — despite the excruciating pain caused by the stent … and won’t have it removed “til his “Idol” run is done.

Kid really does have some serious stones.

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