Amber Rose: My Wedding Is Taking Over My Life

Amber Rose
Most brides come down with wedding fever at one point or another – and Amber Rose is no exception.

“I think about it constantly,” the model, singer and actress tells us. “Like all day. No matter what I”m doing I always have my wedding on my mind. So I”m really excited.”

Rose, 28, who accepted rapper Wiz Khalifa”s proposal last month, adds that she”s just like any other bride in other ways as well.

“I pick up all the bridal magazines. I rip out all the pages and I pull our references from fashion magazines,” she said at a party for Virgin America”s first flight to Philadelphia at the city”s Hotel Palomar Wednesday night. (The rapper was sick and unable to attend). “I even pick up food magazines to see what I want at my reception.”

Rose adds that she does have a wedding date – though she won”t reveal it – and even a dress, though it may not be the one to make it down the aisle.

“I”ve picked out the most beautiful wedding dress I”ve ever seen,” she says. “But, you know, we”re not getting married for a while so I might change my mind.”