Amanda Seyfried: Solo Dinner in London

Amanda Seyfried: Solo Dinner in London

Looking for a little peace and quiet, Amanda Seyfried went out to dinner by her lonesome in London, England last night (August 13).

The Big Love star donned a black leather jacket, jeans, and red heels as she signed a few autographs before heading inside Yauatcha Restaurant for some gourmet eats.

During her English promotional tour for Lovelace, Amanda was asked about the recent ban on pornography in the UK.

She explained, “You can”t put a ban on it. I mean, kids under age are still drinking. It just makes it that much more powerful. It”s freedom. You should be free to watch it whenever you want.”

Amanda added, “I”ve watched porn, yes. Enjoyed No. I saw some when I was six. It was really disturbing. I was at my friend”s house and their parents weren”t around and the older brother, who, I think was 10 at the time, puts this on and I was just blown away.”