Amanda Lamb"s joy as she reveals she is expecting a second baby at 40

Amanda Lamb
TV presenter Amanda Lamb has exclusively revealed to ! magazine that she is expecting her second child. “We”re very very excited,” says Amanda, who already has a four-year-old daughter Willow with her cameraman husband Sean McGuinness.

Within the space of a year, Amanda has got married to Sean, been on honeymoon and celebrated her 40th birthday. She tells ! that she has had some heartache, too – she had a miscarriage after falling pregnant on honeymoon.


“It has literally been the best of times and the worst of times,” she told the magazine.

She also reflects on being a relatively older mum. “I would have liked to have had my babies in my late 20s, but I hadn”t met Sean at that point,” she says.

She feels there are advantages to becoming a mother at this stage in her life. “I”m more patient,” she says. “I never find myself saying, “I wish I”d done that before I had kids.” I did everything I wanted to.”

Her baby is due around the same time at Kate Middleton. “I keep looking at Kate and it looks as thought she”s swallowed a pea,” she jokes. “There”s nothing of her.”

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