Amanda Knox Home in Seattle Photo

Amanda Knox in Seattle
Amanda Knox”s priorities upon being freed from an Italian jail were simple: to touch the grass for the first time in four years, a covert Chinese food takeaway dinner.

Her first public outings have been equally low-key, and observers say she looked at ease to be back out in society.

Knox spent her first weekend of freedom shopping and taking a day trip with friends and family, according to Britain”s The Daily Mail.

Knox, 24, who was released from an Italian prison earlier this month after her murder conviction was overturned, was photographed walking with an unidentified male friend Saturday on a trip to a local store near her home in Seattle. She was dressed casually in jeans, a T-shirt and sneakers, and carried toothpaste and a chocolate bar.

The following day, she took a ferry trip with her mother, aunt and some friends to Puget Sound.

“Nobody approached her or even seemed to recognize her,” an onlooker told The Daily Mail. “She wasn”t hiding away. She just looked happy and relaxed.”

Knox has been staying in a house not far from her parents, the paper reports, and has a bodyguard keeping an eye on her after receiving death threats. She and her family celebrated her first night of freedom at home with pizza, chocolate cake and wine, her father said.

Knox”s family is also said to be expecting a visit from her Italian co-defendant and former boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, before the end of the year.