Amanda Bynes — Provoked by D-Bag Photog, Calls Him ‘An Ugly Black Man’

052513_amanda_bynes_brown_wig_launchAmanda Bynes showed a TON of restraint when dealing with a paparazzo who clearly crossed the line with her this afternoon … but she did call him “an ugly black man.”

Bynes arrived back at her Manhattan apartment building and was met by a gaggle of paps waiting to catch a glimpse of her. Bynes covered her face and head with a scarf and some idiot photographer — NOT ONE OF OURS — continually kept trying to pull it off her head.

After first telling the guy “You can”t touch me” several times, Amanda shot back, “Is it the ugly black one Oh, there”s another ugly black man.”

When the photog tries to call her out for the racial remark, she responds, “It”s just your face. It”s not a black thing … There”s an ugly white one. It”s not racist.”

Bynes might be a little off her rocker, but she”s the only sane person in this video.