Amanda Bynes: No Drugs, No Germans

Amanda Bynes: No Drugs, No Germans

Continuing to volunteer useless information to the internet masses, Amanda Bynes shared some choice tweets on Thursday (June 13).

The Hairspray actress, who called Miley Cyrus ugly only to later backpedal, declared that shes completely substance-free.

Bynes tweeted, For those asking, Im voicing my opinion. Ive been asked if I do drugs. I dont do drugs for the last time!

Additionally, Amanda explained her rants on fellow celebrities- If you dont like how I talk about you. Figure out why Im talking about you in that way! 😉

She also shared that theres on nationality in particular that shell never consider for husband material- I could never marry a German because Im Jewish. And the boys in Berlin breathed a collective sigh of relief!