Amanda Bynes: "If I Don??t Like You I Don??t Want You to be Happy and I??ll Go Out of My Way to Hurt You"

Amanda Bynes:

Continuing to entertain the Twitterverse, Amanda Bynes had a few more things to say via social media on Saturday (June 15).

The “She”s the Man” star began, “If I dont like you I dont want you to be happy and Ill go out of my way to hurt you.”

Responding to the near constant mental health criticism, she added, “When people say I need help, it says nothing about me. They aren”t getting any response from me. My real friends know I don”t need help! It makes me crazy to even have to respond to any type of rumor. I need to deny any false statement because I care about how I look.”

As for how other people look, the troubled 27-year-old actress tweeted, “If you”re not hot I don”t care about you” and “You get turned on but what you are not by what you”re not.”

Finally, Amanda ended her latest rant with, “I feel like I”m being punked by the amount of hate from ugly dudes and women. I don”t know you and don”t know what you”re talking about!” Stay linked to GossipCenter for all the Bynesisms you could ever want.