Amanda Bynes — I Need Time For the Meds to Kick In

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Amanda Bynes has CANCELLED the hearing she requested today to get out of the psych ward, because she wants the meds to kick in before making her case to the judge … our sources has learned.

our sources broke the story … Amanda had requested a hearing for 2 PM today at the psychiatric hospital where she”s being treated, arguing that she”s being held illegally.  A judge decided Thursday that the psychiatric hold would be extended for another 2 weeks.

Sources connected with the case tell our sources … Amanda and her lawyer agreed that the evidence they had planned to present today was basically the same evidence she presented yesterday, when she lost. 

We”re told Amanda asked for another hearing in a week.  Now this is important … we”re told Amanda and her lawyers believe the medications she”s getting now may improve her condition and that would allow her to make a more compelling case for freedom.

The fact that Amanda believes the meds may help her seems to be a big step forward — up to now she”s refused to acknowledge she has a mental illness.

The hearing is set for August 1.