Amanda Bynes — History of EXTREME Inebriation [Video]


Amanda Bynes drinks … A LOT … despite claims from her father that she doesn”t imbibe … and our sources has video proof of the actress drunkenly stumbling out of a club just a few weeks before her DUI arrest.

Despite the fact she was busted for drunk driving last week, Amanda”s father told, “I was told that she blew a zero on the Breathalyzer. She didn”t have a single drink that night. My daughter doesn”t drink.”

But our sources knows Bynes has been frequenting the Hollywood club scene recently … and on March 22, she appeared so wasted on her way out Greystone Manor in West Hollywood, she needed TWO FRIENDS to hold her upright so she could get to her car.

Thankfully … she played it safe and didn”t drive that night.

But on March 17, a seemingly inebriated Amanda didn”t play it safe at all.  We got video of the actress stumbling out of Greystone Manor …  then getting behind the wheel of her car and driving away, despite pleas from our photog to let a sober person drive.

Of course, Bynes was arrested on April 6 … after police say she was so drunk, she crashed into a cop car at 3 AM.

Sorry Mr. Bynes … your daughter drinks … and she needs help.