Amanda Bynes Accidentally Poured Gas on Her Dog During Arson Attempt

Amanda Bynes Accidentally Poured Gas on Her Dog During Arson Attempt

As if her driveway fire-setting incident couldnt get any stranger, now it seems Amanda Bynes mistakenly covered her pet pooch in gasoline prior to striking a match.

According to a report, the Shes the Man actress was frantic and tried to rinse her dog off in the bathroom of a nearby liquor store, and it was all caught on video.

The store clerk told press that he smelled gasoline and noticed Bynes and her pup in the Employees Only area in the back of the building. And when he confronted Amanda, she freaked out and quickly made her exit.

An eyewitness named Andrew Liverpool came forward to give his account of the bizarre incident- “I see this girl with her pant leg on fire and a gas can trailing fire through the driveway It looked like her. It sounded like her. She had a wig on. I kicked the gas can over and moved it to the middle of the driveway so nothing else would catch on fire.

She was kind of frantic and discombobulated, and many people rushed over to try to assess the situation and when I looked back up, she was gone.”

Additionally, Bynes parents Rick and Lynn visited her in the hospital where shes under a 5150 hold, and theyre carefully thinking through how to help their daughter.

An insider shared, Her parents are absolutely sick with worry about their daughter. They are now considering going to a judge and attempting to get a conservatorship of Amanda. They have previously met with lawyers to discuss the possibility of taking legal control of Amandas life. Its a truly devastating situation for Amandas parents and their biggest concern is the health and safety of her.

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