Amanda Bynes 2007 Interview: "I Just Don't Want to Blow What I've Worked So Hard to Achieve:" Watch Here!

Amanda Bynes 2007 Interview:

As she remains involuntarily committed to a hospital on a psychiatric hold, an old interview of Amanda Bynes” reminds us of the days when she was focused on keeping it together and avoiding the temptations of fame.

Back in 2007 during a “Showbiz Tonight” interview, the former Nickelodeon star responded to a question about how she managed to avoid jail, rehab, and other places young actresses like Lindsay Lohan may find themselves, saying, “I”m very lucky I have a great family and I have my eye on the prize which for me is a long career and I just don”t want to blow what I”ve worked so hard to achieve.”

Explaining how she doesn”t hang around with the wrong crowd, Amanda noted, “I”m not that interested in the club scene and drinking doesn”t appeal to me so it”s actually easier for me not to do it. I have never even been offered drugsI”m surrounded by people who aren”t interested in that. Birds of a feather flock together and I definitely don”t fly with that crowd.”

Though she hasn”t had kind words for her parents lately, the “All That” actress told A.J. Hammer, “For me, I”m just grateful, you know, I appreciate anything that anyone does for me. Maybe because I have parents who worked really hard to earn moneymy dad was a dentist for 30 years; he wasn”t given anything you know His parents worked really hard, too; he didn”t grow up wealthymy dad used to always teach me the value of a dollar.” Nowadays, her parents Rick and Lynn are seeking a conservatorship over their troubled daughter”s personal and financial affairs.