Alotta Fagina — The New Pope Rubs Me the Right Way

Exclusive 0313_the_new_pope_alana_vagina_getty
Pope Francis has already become a superstar back in his home country of Argentina … and when he returns, he”ll have Alotta Fagina waiting there to congratulate him … our sources has learned.

We spoke to Fabiana Udenio — the Argentinian-born actress who played Fagina in “Austin Powers” — who says she”s bursting with pride over the papal election.

“Catholic people in South America are very passionate people and I think this will be good for the spiritual side of the religion because it may attract more passionate people to join the religion,” she said.

Fagina added, “[The people of South America] are less jaded by the skepticism brought on by the scandals that have burdened the Catholic church in the past.”

The actress says she”s excited to see how an Argentinian will shake things up in Italy — “The fusion of both cultures will be a great thing for Catholics everywhere.”

Groovy baby … yeah.