Allison Williams Pretties Up Town&Country April 2013

Allison Williams Pretties Up Town&Country April 2013

Gaining popularity through her hit HBO show “Girls,” Allison Williams scored the front page of Town&Country magazine”s April 2013 issue.

Known as the daughter of NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams, the 25-year-old actress proved she”s making a name for herself by slipping into a slew of romantic dresses for the Blossom Berkofsky spread before opening up about everything from giving up perfection to following her childhood dreams.

Highlights from Miss Williams” interview are as follows. For more, be sure to check out Town&Country!

On accepting her imperfections:
Something thats been lovely about the last couple of years is that Ive finally abandoned the pursuit of perfection, which I think I was pretty stubbornly holding on to, just always trying to be the best at everything I did. I grew up enough to realize that the people I respect arent perfectionists. And I was like, Oh, thats so much more perfect.

On her conservative sense of style:
I have a goal, which is that I dont ever want to look back on something I wore and think, Oh my God, what was I thinking That feeling is much scarier than looking back and thinking, Oh, I took myself so seriously. Im so buttoned up.

On following her childhood dreams:
My childhood was stamped with this one certainty, that I knew what I wanted to be, which I realize now was very unusual. Most of my friends are still figuring it out. I only knew one other kid like me; she wanted to be a singer, and in first grade wed have sleepovers, and she dressed up like a Beatle and I dressed up like Marilyn Monroe.