Allison Williams May Join "Rosaline"

Allison Williams May Join

After breaking out in her role on “Girls,” Allison Williams may play the title role in the upcoming film, “Rosaline.”

The daughter of news anchor Brian Williams is reportedly in talks for the movie, based on the Rebecca Serle book, “When You Were Mine.” According to Deadline, Allison is also on the short list for the upcoming “Fantastic Four” reboot.

Back in February, the rising star wrote an open letter in Marie Claire about why she refuses to join Twitter.

Revealing a lot about her personality, Allison shares, “It”s because I put up walls. Not to hold anything in, but to keep my thoughts from escaping. I protect myself from myself. I know it”s confusing because I”m an actress (we tend to love attention), but I am actually pretty private when I”m not pretending to be someone else. I am private because I”m still figuring things out. I”m young! I”m making it up as I go! Every once in a while, I misfire (like a bad photo shoot or a weird outfit choice). And you don”t want to be the one I”m with while I”m “finding myself,” right That never lasts, as we all know.”