Allen Iverson — Dodges Jail Time … Forks Over $40,000 to Ex

Exclusive 0714_allen-iverson_getty
Wanna get Allen Iverson to pay his child support bill Threaten jail … because the ex-NBA star finally coughed up the $40,000 he owed his ex wife … narrowly escaping time in the slammer.

our sources broke the story … Iverson”s ex, Tawanna, has been trying to collect child support from the b-baller since their divorce was finalized in February, but no cigar. Then, last month she asked a judge to throw him in jail, if he continued to dodge the bill: $8,000 / month for the last 5 months.

In new court docs — filed last month in Fulton County, GA — Iverson said he never paid the money because he was led to believe he and Tawanna would reconcile.

Taking a hard stance a judge ordered Iverson pony up the cash within 72 hours … or be arrested. 

The threat apparently worked, Iverson”s lawyer tells our sources … “Allen has complied with the order and met every term for which he was required.”

Also … he”s not in jail.