Alleged Victim’s Wife — Justin Bieber’s a ‘Punk’

Exclusive 0328-justin-bieber-tmzThe wife of the man who Justin Bieber allegedly spit on tells our sources, Bieber is a “punk.”

our sources broke the story … auto mogul Jeff Schwartz — Justin”s neighbor — went over to confront the singer about driving in the gated community at speeds approaching 100 mph, and Justin responded by allegedly spitting in his face and threatening to kill him.

Schwartz”s wife, Suzie, tells our sources, “He”s a punk.  He thinks he”s invincible.  He can”t continue to have a bunch of enablers around him.”  FYI, there are reports Jeff said this, but it was Suzie.

Suzie also tells our sources, “Spitting on someone is unacceptable.  He can”t do this to people.”

And she tells us Justin has NOT apologized to her hubby.

Justin denies hocking a loogie on Jeff, but we”ve learned there is at least one eyewitness who begs to differ.