Alison Sweeney”s Take on The Biggest Loser”s Top 3

Alison Sweeney
The final three will vie for the title of the Biggest Loser Tuesday night (9 p.m. ET) – so who do you think is going to win, John, Ramon or Antone

For John, all he”s wanted is to win. Bob said earlier in the season that he won”t be happy until confetti is falling onto his head. The incredible thing is that his focus never shifted and his goal was completely steadfast. He started the journey with Bob and then finished it with Dolvett so he had the benefit of learning from both trainers and taking all of that knowledge home with him.

For Antone, the athlete in him came back while he was on campus. I watched as this broken man transform himself and by finale time, he had a gorgeous smile on his face. Antone had the benefit of being with Bob from day one and through the entire season so he was able to work on himself consistently and it paid off.

When seeing Antone”s kids react to his homecoming, and then seeing his determination at home and back on campus for the final weigh-in, I think those linebackers in the NFL would agree that his pads are on and he”s ready to take the field!

Then there”s Ramon. First, how gorgeous is he And how adorable are he and Jessica Ramon”s determination to become the team leader early in the season and to finish what he started with the marathon win show his focus, drive and tenacity. He too had the benefit of working with more than one trainer, and certainly Anna pushed him harder than he ever expected.

It”s definitely anyone”s game and each of these men has something to prove when they get on the scale Tuesday night. Let me know what you think of tonight”s finale – and my dress!

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