Alison Brie: May 2013 Esquire Feature

Alison Brie: May 2013 Esquire Feature

With her new movie “The Kings of Summer” set to hit theaters May 31st, Alison Brie scored a feature in Esquire magazine”s May 2013 issue.

While revealing her cleavage for the Miko Lim-shot spread, the 30-year-old actress opened up about everything sex to her advice for men.

“If you”re a guy, you should get girls flowers all the time,” Miss Brie explained. “They never get old and you can never get them enough. I”m never disappointed when I get flowers. I always thought guys who buy women flowers are such fools. All it takes is one. A little goes a long way with flowers.”

In regards the difficult pronunciation of her last name, the “Community” babe said, “The misprounciation of it is like nails on a chalkboard. It starts S-c-h, so everybody pronounces it as if it were “Shermerhorn”. But it should be pronouced like it”s “Skermerhorn”.

Alison also talked about her love for going to the movies, explaining, “Movie theaters when they”re either supercrowded or totally empty. Your opinion is not influenced by anyone when you”re alone at a matinee. It”s just you and the movie. And crowds at a premiere or at Sundance are a special treat. At Sundance, nobody”s like, “We didn”t have anything to do tonight, so we came here.”

As for doing the dirty, the “Mad Men” star said she loves it, “because some of the most humorous things happen when you”re naked with another person.”