Alison Brie Drops By ??Late Night with Jimmy Fallon?

Alison Brie Drops By ??Late Night with Jimmy Fallon?

Looking to drum up some support for the return of her show Community, Allison Brie paid a visit to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night (February 18).

The Mad Men hottie had a blast as she chatted with Fallon and fellow guest Artie Lange about her plight as a mis-recognized television star.

She began, I love my neighborhood. I do have a new neighbor. Its interesting. Hes a football player and he doesnt watch a lot of TV. I think that when I told him that I was on Community he didnt believe it was a real show. So, hes told all of his friends that Im on The Office.

And they wont let it go. Whenever I see them, when they crashed my Totally 80s party at my house, and were all just hanging out, and suddenly big dudes not dressed in 80s clothing start seeking me out. And theyre like, You! You! Youre the girl that lives here Youre on The Office. And Im like, Oh, no actually Im on a show thats called Community. And theyre like, Youre on The Office.

Alison also busted out a freestyle rap about her peeps on Community, and it went a little something like this-

Now youve been told about Troy and Abed, Gettin inside your head, Takin sheets from your bed to make a fort. If you dont watch the show, Im taking you to court! My name is Ali Brie, Im on Community, Thursday nights on NBC!