Alicia Keys in Evening Standard June 2013: I'm Proud of Rihanna

Alicia Keys in Evening Standard June 2013: I'm Proud of Rihanna

Fresh off the release of her single “New Day,”Alicia Keys graced the cover of Evening Standard magazine”s June 2013 issue.

While rocking a few poses for the Eric Guillemain-shot spread, the “Girl On Fire” hitmaker chatted about growing up and even revealed her thoughts on Rihanna.

Check out a few highlights from Miss Keys” interview below. For more, be sure to visit Evening Standard!

On the music world:
“It”s such a tricky, crazy business, and when people are a little bit younger than me, I”m always hoping that their soul is good “cause it can be such a soulless space. Who”s really love you and making sure that you”re ok Because everybody wants to make sure you”re ok when they can get something from you, and they”re getting a percentage from you. But they don”t technically care if you”re ok. They just wanna make sure you can stand so you can go to work. So naturally I am always thinking about people and hoping that in this very soulless place they can find completion.”

On changing her ways:
“Life is many things, and I didn”t know how to balance it before. And I didn”t know how to enjoy it very much, either. One of the things my husband has taught me is how to be more free. To be more fluid and flow.”

On loving Rihanna:
“I”m proud of Rihanna. Because it”s not easy to stand up in this crazy world and make it and keep going and try new things. And find your way through it.”