Ali Larter Talks Food & Detoxing in Health September 2013

Ali Larter Talks Food & Detoxing in Health September 2013

With her cookbook “Kitchen Revelry: A Year of Festive Menus From My Home to Yours” set to hit shelves this fall, Ali Larter fronts the September 2013 issue of Health magazine.

While showing off her toned midriff for lensman Ruven Afanador, the “Heroes” beauty chatted about her upcoming book and offers advice on detoxing.

Check out a few highlights from Miss Larter”s interview below. For more, be sure to visit Health!

On her new cook book :
“I left home when I was almost 18 and traveled around the world as a model. In Japan or Italy – where I didn”t know anybody – food was always my way to make a connection with people. When I moved to New York in my 20s, I wanted to throw dinner parties. But I threw one, and it was such a disaster! I attempted to make complicated recipes I had never tried before – I was panicked the whole night. Now I can”t go a month without throwing a dinner party. For me, entertaining has become a metaphor for life. If you mess up, laugh at it and order in pizza. What”s import is putting yourself out there.”

On Hollywood pressures:
“I am more self-aware now. Your physicality is a huge part of your career as an actress. I just read this article where Cindy Crawford said that by the time she”s 50, she”s going to come to terms with her body.”

On her secrets to healthy cooking:
“I have nothing fried in my book – not even my meatballs!- because I don”t think you need to be cooking that way at home. I don”t usually cook with a lot of butter, either. I”d rather top something with a little butter than hide it in the inside.”

On her way of detoxing:
“It”s not a cleanse. I always put on 5 to 7 pounds in that stretch between Thanksgiving and Christmas. After the holidays, I tend to celar out the pretzels and crackers and gravitate towards more of a vegetable-based diet. I”m usually hungry in the beginning. But then I start to crave fruit rather than an ice cream sundae. Like most women, I can”t eat half a brownie. It”s just not who I am. I got for it, and then I try to be better. You have to enjoy life, right”