Ali Larter Covers Michigan Avenue September 2013

Ali Larter Covers Michigan Avenue September 2013

With her new cookbook “Kitchen Revelry: A Year of Festive Menus from My Home to Yours” nearing its release date, Ali Larter pitches in on promotions by covering the September 2013 issue of Michgan Avenue magazine.

The “Final Destination” beauty looked absolutely stunning in designer duds from Jenny Packham and Laura Kranitz for the Brian Bowen Smith-shot spread, while she opened up about raising her son, Theodore.

Check out a few highlights from Miss Larter”s interview below. For more, be sure to visit Michigan Avenue

On her son Theodore:
“Hes a very, very curious, verbal, fearless guy, and he keeps us on our toes. Im so excited to be on this journey with him. Its such an incredible joy. I dont know what its like to sleep late in the morning; I dont know what its like to ever really feel relaxed or have an extra minute to yourselfbut I adore being a parent, and I think that any parent of toddlers knows that its such an exciting, thrilling moment of life.”

On cooking with her husband, Hayes:
“He used to just be excited that he was getting dinner. Now he makes requests, and hell be like, “Honey, you havent made anything in a couple dayswhats going on” or “I think that you put a little bit too much of whatever.” I love that he gets excited and appreciates that I cook dinner and love making big brunches on the weekends. Not only is it about having great food, but its about connecting with friends and family.”

On her favorite movie genres:
“Whats funny about Hollywood is that its becoming tighter and tighter. Its more competitive than ever, but on the other side there is also more opportunity; youre not being boxed in Drama will always be my first love. I love figuring out ways to communicate the pain that people feel; that said, there is nothing better than being on a comedy set.”

On writing her new book:
“When I was younger, the kitchen was always the place to hang. My mom made it the sanctuary of the house. When I started traveling, Id go into these cities and not know anybody, and my way of connecting with people was through food. I had a Polish roommate once, and I asked her to teach me how to make pierogi, and when I was living in Tokyo, I learned how to make miso soup. Kitchen Revelry is really a philosophy; its about enjoying the process, having fun, not worrying about the outcome, and finding beauty in imperfection. We shot [the photographs for the book] in my home, and I made sure that it was messy: Theres lipstick on glasses, napkins, crumbs…. The book provides two menus a month in a calendar year, so you flip to October and see Harvest Party. Its things that are naturally in season, so it takes some of the guesswork out of it.”