Ali Fedotowsky Wedding with Roberto Martinez on Hold, She Says

Roberto Martinez and Ali Fedotowsky
Ali Fedotowsky is well aware of the fact that it”s been more than a year since viewers witnessed her engagement to Roberto Martinez on The Bachelorette season 6 finale.

So when is the wedding Not anytime soon, Fedotowsky tells PEOPLE.

“We”re still engaged; we”re still living together,” Fedotowsky, 27, says. “We just don”t feel the need to walk down the aisle right now.”

Despite speculation that their union is on the rocks, Fedotowsky says the couple is doing just fine, and that the pressure to set a wedding date following their televised courtship and engagement overwhelmed them. Another complication: difficulty in scheduling a televised wedding.

“When we actually did have a date that worked for us [last August], I found out that I had to have knee surgery,” she says. “No wedding is simple but this wedding is even more complicated.”

“We didn”t meet in the most traditional way,” she continues. “We had a very short courtship and we only knew each other nine weeks before we got engaged.”

Says Fedotowsky: “We are still figuring out our lives as individuals.”

She is currently in talks to do a show with the Style Network, while Martinez is busy establishing his own State Farm insurance office.

“At this point we”re not planning a wedding,” she says. “Does that mean we”re fighting No. Does that mean we”re miserable Absolutely not!”

“We”re happy where we are,” says Fedotowsky, who notes that they do intend to walk down the aisle one day. “When we have things figured out, we”ll let you know.”