Alexander Skarsgard Talks the Appeal of his "True Blood" Character on "Conan": Watch Here!

Alexander Skarsgard Talks the Appeal of his

Heading out to promote the upcoming season of “True Blood,” Alexander Skarsgard appeared on ” Conan” on Wednesday (June 5).

The red-headed host noted the 36-year-old actor”s effect on the ladies and asked if he is often asked to bite them like his vampire character in the hit series.

Though admitting that he likes aggressive women, the Swedish-born hunk declines the biting, sharing, “I try to avoid that. I figure with social media and stuff, if you do that once, then thats out there and then youll end up doing that for the rest of your life.”

When asked why women tend to go for bad guys like his character, Alexander refutes that his character is “bad,” explaining, “in a very polite way, he”ll rip you apart.” Check out the interview in the players below.