Alexa Chung in Flare November 2013: I'm A Serial Monogamist

Alexa Chung in Flare November 2013: I'm A Serial Monogamist

Adding another magazine cover to her credit, Alexa Chung is featured on the front of Flare magazine”s November 2013.

While donning designer garb from Ralph Lauren and J Crew for the Jason Kim-shot spread, the 29-year-old model/television presenter dished about her love life and even reveals her hidden talent.

Check out a highlights from Miss Chung”s interview below. For more, be sure to visit Flare!

On her relationships:
“I”m a serial monogamist. I can”t just casually sleep with boys. It”s just not for me. Call me old-fashioned. I don”t sleep with people I don”t find interesting, or whose brain isn”t the main turn-on for me. It”s not like I get all, “Oh, he”s fit.” It”s often there”s a deeper connection, so it just means it last a big longer.”

On her time away from home:
“I do miss England a lot. I mention it every day because I want to retain my sense of Britishness, which is something I wasn”t aware of until I moved [to the United States].”

On her impersonations:
“I can do good impressions of people; if I spend enough time with a person I can impersonate them: voice, mannerisms, all of it. I do a mean impression. But just actual friends of me, not famous people. Unless my friends are famous.”

On her sense of style:
“I”m either working too much to get out there and spend money or I just don”t buy too many trend-led pieces, so if I”m investing in something it”s classic, does the job and lasts a long time.”