Alex Rodriguez — Major Shrinkage in Miami

Exclusive 0920_alex_rodriguez_new_miami_condo_launch
Alex Rodriguez  — who signed a $275 million contract with the Yankees in 2007 —  is now pinching pennies by downsizing in a spectacular way.

A-Rod — who dumped his $30 million oceanfront Miami palace —  just bought a nearby condo for $2.1 million — around 15 times cheaper than his previous digs.

And when we say it”s modest, we mean it. The “luxury” condo, purchased last month, is 1,725 sq. ft with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms — a broom closet in ARod”s world.

The Miami mansion was a comfortable 19,861 sq. ft., with 9 bedrooms, 11 full bathrooms (plus 2 half bathrooms), a 4-car garage, a state of the art security system with 16 cameras, and a Zen garden.

A-Rod appears to be gearing up for a long winter in an uncertain future.

We”d say it sucks to be him … but it still doesn”t.