Alex Pettyfer Is Ready to Strip on Broadway

Alex Pettyfer, in <em>Magic Mike</em>” />  <br /> It sure worked for <em>The Full Monty</em> – taking the story of male strippers from the screen to the Broadway musical stage. So why not the new kid on the runaway, <em>Magic Mike</em></p>
<p>Apparently, that”s the plan already in the works by Channing Tatum, whose own story loosely forms the basis for the new movie, and his screenwriter and producing partner Reid Carolin. </p>
<p>Furthermore, the movie”s Alex Pettyfer, 22, says he would “absolutely” do the Broadway version. “I think we should all do the opening night,” he tells <em>USA Today</em> about his fellow manscaped costars costars Tatum, Matthew McConaughey, Joe Manganiello and Matt Bomer.  </p>
<p>“We are working on it as a Broadway show, which would be a different story,” Carolin tells the newspaper. “More of a romp, more of a fun night out at a club with a story.” </p>
<p>He adds, “I”m almost more excited about that than the movie because I think it”s the perfect thing for women to go see on Broadway, to be participants in the show.”</p>
<p>The recipient of positive early reviews, the movie <em>Magic Mike</em>, directed by Oscar-winner Steven Soderbergh, opens Friday. Tatum plays Magic Mike Martingano, the tutor for Pettyfer”s character of Adam, schooling the young newcomer in the ways of stripping, living and womanizing.</p>
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Matthew McConaughey (left) and Channing Tatum, in Magic Mike

Glen Wilson / Warner Bros.

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