Alec Baldwin — SHOVES PHOTOG … Smacks Camera

The Alec Baldwin meltdown continues — the actor just shoved another photographer … and then smacked a camera out of the guy”s hand and once again, it was all caught on tape.

The footage begins near Alec”s Manhattan apartment (after Alec”s confrontation with a local news reporter) … and shows Alec pushing a photog.

After the photog collects himself, Alec lunges back at him and smacks the camera out of his hand … knocking it to the ground.

The photog goes back to Alec and says, “You shoved me into a car.”Alec responds, “You tried to hit me with a camera.”

Photog: “I didn”t try to hit you with a camera.”

Alec then tells the guy, “You take a walk … you don”t wanna get hurt, do ya”

The photog backs down … and Alec eventually ducks into a hair salon.