Alec Baldwin — Ready For Action in Stalker Case

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Alec Baldwin had his game face on when he showed up this AM at a NYC courthouse … loaded for bear and ready to face his accused stalker, who”s proclaimed she wants to help him create a “mini-Baldwin.”

Genevieve Sabourin is a self-proclaimed Baldwin-lover, who got busted after showing up at Baldwin”s doorstep outside his apt. bldg.  She had previously sent a torrent of emails and texts, trying to convince him of her undying love.  She claims they had a torrid affair in 2010 and she was just looking for closure.

Baldwin acknowledges that he met Sabourin on the set of “The Adventures of Pluto Nash” in 2002 …  and had dinner together once in 2010 … but claims the relationship was always professional.

We”re in court … and, well, you know … he could lose his temper, so stay tuned.