Alec Baldwin: Paparazzi Are ??Vermin?

Alec Baldwin: Paparazzi Are ??Vermin?

Enjoying some fresh air and exercise, Alec Baldwin took his pair of pooch pals for a stroll near his New York City apartment this morning (October 8).

The Beetlejuice star carried a coffee and donned a black polo shirt with khaki trousers during his leisurely walk, flashing a few dirty looks at the nearby shutterbugs.

Speaking of paparazzi contempt, Baldwin recently penned a nasty letter about the problem of roving photographers in East Hampton to a local newspaper.

Alec seethed, They marauded up and down the villages Main Street in search of photos of my wife and/or our newborn child.

“What has gone wrong with our society that this vermin has spawned in East Hampton These are not New Yorkers that have slithered out here. They are home grown. They are locals. And they obviously have no idea about how to live in a community like ours.”

“I hope that our local government will address this issue, which has nothing to do with freedom of the press and everything to do with criminal harassment, abuse, and authorizing the intimidation and stalking of one group in our society while protecting the basic rights of all others. Thats remarkably like a bill of attainder. And thats unconstitutional.”