Alec Baldwin & Eliza Dushku Share Thoughts on Boston Manhunt

Alec Baldwin & Eliza Dushku Share Thoughts on Boston Manhunt

As news continues to break regarding the horrific Boston Marathon bombing suspects, celebrities are taking to their social media sites to give their input.

According to NBC News, one of the suspects, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was killed early Friday morning (April 19) after he and his brother/accomplice, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, robbed a 7-Eleven, killed a police office, stole an SUV and threw explosives at law enforcement during a standoff.

Police are now on a manhunt in the Boston suburb Watertown, MA and urged all residents in the surrounding areas to stay indoors.

In light of the reports, Alec Baldwin tweeted, The effects of terrorism on our society will get worse before [they] get better. The presence of police as a paramilitary force in our society will now grow to new levels.

Cameras, bomb-sniffing dogs, checkpoints, etc, will expand exponentially the notion that someone capable of brutal, cold-blooded and random killing walks openly in public will further shape our lives. [The] cost of security measures will skyrocket. Further diverting funds meant for other, equally important goals, in American society.Tweeting a simple observation re our society always yields 1 benefit. I can block all right-wing idiots that come out of their foxholes. The bravery and effectiveness of police is a blessing. Their presence is welcome, in times like these. Yet it highlights something.”

Eliza Dushku also shared thoughts about the news that is occurring in her hometown, writing, “It doesn”t get closer to home than this. #Watertown, MA~ #hometown God, please, everyone be safe. #Waterdown PD we are all sending you prayer… Born&raised in #Watertown. My beautiful fam is there, 20 search blocks/CNN in exact neighborhood I grew up in, Ma”s house-can”t believe this…Finally reached my Ma & Jim & they are fine & now staying indoors & turning on news.. Love to all- x… My parents are being morning greeted by SWAT, friends have bullet holes thru their walls, grenades in front of houses #surreal #Watertown”

Read what else stars shared on Twitter below:

Mia Farrow: “Surreal. This is just huge. #manhunt #Watertown”

Star Jones: “I so want them to CAPTURE…not KILL this fool. He needs a good “talking to!”> “Suspect 1 is dead. Suspect 2 is on the run.” #BostonBombing”

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: “#PrayersForBoston #StaySafeBoston #BostonStrong: GOOD WILL WIN.”

Scooter Braun: “waking up & turning on the tv to see this madness in Boston. myself & @hoogs are sitting here praying for everyone”s safety. #prayforboston”

Harry Shum Jr.: “Praying for everyone in Boston. I am speechless….”