Albert Pujols Hamburger — Quarter Pound of Meat for the Quarter of a Billionaire

The Albert Pujols machine burger from OC Sports Grill
After signing a massive $250 million contract , Albert Pujols will be joining the Los Angeles Angels next season — and a local sports bar is commemorating his arrival with an equally massive burger.

The OC Sports Grill, located a stone”s throw away from Angels Stadium, is introducing the new Machine Burger … to celebrate his signing. Here”s the lineup for the burger, which has a Dominican flair in Albert”s honor:

1/4 lb. chimichurri seasoned burger, queso frito, pulled pork & cabbage tossed in “savon” sauce, tomatoes, avocado, and crispy onion straws.

The burger sells for $13.99 … waitress not included.