Al Roker: I Slept Through ??Wake Up With Al!?

Al Roker: I Slept Through ??Wake Up With Al!?

Given the ungodly early hours he keeps, its no wonder Al Roker accidentally slept through his alarm clock and missed his show today (August 6).

The lovable weatherman took to his Twitter account to confess that hed dropped the ball and didnt make it to film Wake Up with Al.

Roker tweeted, “After 39 years, it happened. I overslept and missed a show. Missed #WUWA. But will be on time for @today, followed by, Morning, Sleepyhead. Overslept and missed #wuwa Here on time for TODAY.

And after noticing all the chatter in the Twitterverse regarding his blunder, Al added, Wow. My oversleeping and missing #WUWA really has blown up on Twitter. So tell me your
oversleeping story. #oversleeping

Al”s “Today” cohort Matt Lauer even called him “Rip Van Roker!”